BeYBe Langhe (One Day)

MAY 2023

The Langhe are waiting for you...

An entire day with electric bikes, alongside with the discovery of the territory and with moments of fun and relax. In the afternoon, you can choose to keep cycling or to change vehicle… A day completely dedicated to electric!

Without competition, just for the pleasure of cycling: a tour which aims at discovering places which would be unreachable without an E-Bike, thanks to professional guides who perfectly know the country and who lead the bikers (divided into groups according to their level of expertise) to the discovery of the most fascinating spots.

A day, physical and emotional, in the Langhe territory, between past and present. A region rewarded by Unesco for its history and its indissoluble bond between man and landscape; it’s from here that you can start discovering a richness that goes beyond Piedmont’s border and that becomes worldwide relevant.

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