BeYBe Just for Fun

A unique opportunity where sport, fun, adventure and food and wine experiences all blend together.

Sport, fun, adventure and food & wine experiences...

Beybe Fun is a unique occasion where sport, fun, adventures/excitement and enogastronomic experiences all blend together. It’s not a competition, it s the pleasure of biking together, safely toured by professional and area-savvy experienced guides who will take e-bikers around these lands to discover their most fascinated views and lands (e-bikers are divided in groups according to their level of experience).

It is an ‘All Inclusive’ high level reception that allows those who participate to enjoy the event without having to worry about anything.

The BeYBe Fun events are available in every region of Italy on fixed, pre-established dates, but we are always available and happy to create tailor-made packages for groups. Our goal is indeed forever one: create an unforgettable e-bike experience.

Le Experience

Abbiamo concentrato il nostro focus su differenti experience che se unite assieme ricreano esattamente ciò che BeYBe vuole trasmettere.

Ci siamo focalizzati su di un pensiero: la vacanza dinamica non è semplicemente attività fisica e bei luoghi da visitare ma anche vivere la cultura del luogo e conoscere la gente del posto. Lo scopo è quello di riequilibrare la mente, il corpo e l’anima.

E-Bike Experience

BeYBe provides a biking activity without competition. It gives participants the opportunity to bike in company and safety thanks to guides who will always be at your disposal by providing useful tips on the best biking technique so that you can immediately cycle with your E-Ebike in the best way.

Our electrical motor integrated E-bikes greatly facilitate pedalling. In fact, you can cover a lot more distance in a day with an e-bike than with a normal bike with the same effort, and the climbs too become easier thanks to their electric motor. That’s why we chose them for our tours: in terms of performance they can equally balance out two non-equally sporty people just by choosing the right ‘bike helping’ mode.

Landscape Experience

BeYBe is also a journey to discover the unknown places that are not easily accessible for or reachable by most without e-bikes. It is a journey that celebrates life in the middle of the nature, with the opportunity to fully savour what the territories can offer whilst taking in all the beauty of these lands that can only be truly appreciated when outdoors.

Wine Experience

BeYBe also offers the Wine Experience with their guided tours through prestigious wineries. To truly appreciate wine in fact, one should not only taste it, but understand everything that influences its being: the territory, the climate, the grower’s manual skills and choices made, the time spent in the cellar and so on. With Beybe you will have the opportunity to taste the wines directly from the producer, to bike/walk across the famous vineyards and to deeply comprehend the wine cultivation and the work behind it. This way you will fully live the experience with a greater and better awarness.

Food Experience

For the evening BeYBe introduces the Food Experience. Greeted in eye-catching locations with spectacular views you have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes inspired by the local tradition, made with first-class raw materials and carefully selected. It is paramount to nourish the body as well as the soul.

Entertainment Experience

After a day spent in e-bike, there is nothing better than an evening with friends, good food and relax. Entertainment and music: let’s conclude the day in style. The Password: Fun!

Relax Experience

For a “true BeYBe” experience” we have reserved the most exclusive locations on the territory to make sure you don’t neglect your breaks and moments of rest. Holiday also means well-being/pampering.

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