BeYBe in collaboration with IT.A.CÀ Monferrato

19th October 2019

The wonderful feeling of visiting places through pedal-assisted bikes.

The union between IT.A.CA and BeYBe aims to bring out the love for nature, for these lands and the passion for biking.

The e-bike as a tool for responsible tourism: it was born as a mean driven by the skills of the man and the support of an electric motor that allows to travel a distance faster compared to the classic bike, whilst keeping the pollution level to a minimum in comparison to a motor vehicle.

The participants will experience Monferrato whilst observing it from a different perspective: they will bike through the rows of grapevines and the places where the man’s work, his efforts and the peasant’s culture all take place. Guided by scents, tastes and different perspectives, the tourism will have no choice but to be enchanted by it all.

BeYBe will make its experience available to everyone at the Festival by providing e-bikes and the guides to accompany participants in this amazing 4 hour-adventure.

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